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As a sample, simple flow which opens CSML model and displays it on CSMLViewer will be created.

Step by step procedure

step 1

Start a XiP application, following screen appears.

Sample flow step1.PNG

step 2

Provide CSML text Components frame, notice that components which contains the provided text are found.

Sample flow step1 6.PNG

step 3

Select the Input CSML component, D&D it into center screen, new canvas containing chosen component will be created automatically.

Sample flow step2.PNG Sample flow step3.PNG

step 4

Please note that Parameters frame (right side) was filled with the use of properties of the added component (Input CSML).

Sample flow step4.PNG

Section REQUIRED should be always filled, otherwise the XiP will report exception during flow calculations. You can find information concerning unset parameters in the Problems frame. There is possible to set required properties using the frame, by selecting Quick Fix item on right-click menu as presented below.

Sample flow step5.PNG

Please set the URL http://www.csml.org/download/model/csml30/apoptosis_30.csml as an input file (please visit for more information concerning supported formats).

step 5 Next please find Display on CSML viewer component in components list, add it into canvas and connect with the Input CSML as presented below.

Sample flow step5.PNG

step 6 Finally we can start calculating our flow. To start calculation please press Run button from the XiP main menu bar (see below image)

Sample flow step6.PNG

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