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  • You can add components, or to the connection window will create a pipeline flow.
  • Select the component in the Components window, drag & drop it in this window, we will do additional processing flow.
  • If you drop the first component, the canvas is displayed it is placed. At this time, the tab is set to the default name of the pipeline has become the Selection toolbar button selected state.
  • Basically Input component (a long round shape on this window) is the start of the flow components.
  • When you move the arrow that appears, right-click the mouse while the components, and then drag the component you want please drop. Components that are linked by arrows, determines the order flow.
  • Flow in order to remove the arrow to replace it, can be easily changed.
  • If the execution order flow are not applicable, please review the flow disappears when it had appeared in the drop and drag the arrow.


Flow across multiple processing systems

  • Border color components (Components has become the icon of the components of the same color as the window), so that each divided into processing system will be when we formed a measure of the flow.
  • Iki system by connecting components in a single processing component is a color icons 2 (Export, Extract, etc.) and incorporate a system can be transferred from one system to handle it.
  • Canvas processing system and window border color components (= Components icon color components of the window)
Processing system Border color (color icon)
CSML light green
R blue
Java orange
MixData purple
JJGraph yellow
CSO light pink
CSMLDB dark green
CSODB pink
others grey
  • Processing system to another system that transferred to the border color components (colored icon) will have two colors. Color outside the lines before, and after the color of the inner system. (Components of color before the icon of the window system color on the left, after the color lines on the right.)
  • Example: processing systems from processing system to Java CSML (Input CSML -> Export CSML to Java -> General JData viewer & editor)

CSMLPipeline US 4 Canvas 2.jpg

Job button and the flow execution

  • Job of the following seven buttons.

CSMLPipeline US 4 Canvas 3.jpg

Button Name Description
Run Run all the flow on the canvas.
Partial Run Enabled when you select a component start, run only the selected flow.
Step Run Run components one by one. When you start to do this, [Run], [Partial Run] button is disabled, was invalid [Resume] button is enabled. If you have created several separate flow on the canvas, and then successively at each flow component.
Resume Step Run and enabled to run, when you want and press the following components: batch run is complete.
Clear Status Clear the result.
Stop Job Stop the run.
Script Run Flow control when you create a Script, and then flows along its implementation. Information flow control implementing Script Please refer to.



  • When you run the embedded viewer component flow, Plot Frame the dialog pops up (can also be docked to the main Windu), and drawings can be seen at the end of the processing of data.


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