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File path that System#getProperty("user.dir") returns in executed java application, e.g. XiP.
This URI will not be used so frequently.


Relative path from "jobXXX" directory in Project Manager that will be created during execution.


This represents the home directory on server side, usually Unix.
Currently, CIOnlineServer does not store information of real Unix user to each CIO account user.
To work this properly, this information should be stored on CIOnlineServer.
On, tomcat is running with "root" privilege.
Thus, on tomcat level, any directory can be accessed by using each Unix user account that will be specified in CIOnlineServer.
If the CIOnlineServer is running with some specific user account(means not root), then from tomcat, each user's folder on server cannot be accessed as his privilege.
For this case, we need to discuss how to handle this problem (one solution is to launch many tomcat with each user's account.) Anyway, if "shome" is given then the base path becomes the user's home directory on Unix, e.g.. for CIO account "xip1" with unix account "xip" then shome:/ = /home/xip.


The default value of "stemp" is the file path that System#getProperty("") returns.
User will be allowed to set the custom path in Preferences on XiP.


The relative path from "My Projects" "My Server Directory" directory in Project Manager.
(Both "Read" and "Write" access is allowed.)


The relative path from "Shared Projects" directory in Project Manager.
(It depends on the setting whether "Read" or "Write" access is allowed by owner of this shared project.)


Relative path from "Libraries" directory in Project Manager. ("Read" only)

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