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2010/10/15 CelliP workshop


Workshop # 15, October 2010 CelliP seminar

And requests and Feedback


  • (Nozomi Kaname) URI scheme shome · suserdir · srel custom prepared and may be able to specify a file on the server side.
  • (Nozomi Kaname) Viewer without having to connect the components of the system, right-click the component in the specified file (the specified number of lines) may be able to see.
  • (Nozomi Kaname) Input of the system components, require less memory consumption and can specify the number of rows to load.
  • (Request) pipeline flow described in the file because it is run as a thread, each thread is executed at a time (flow) and the maximum value Max Thread Size may be set in the preferences.
    Then, for example, 16 of the flow if it was Max Thread Size 10, 10 is executed by hitting the Run button of the flow, order books are running after each of the remaining 6 1 Will be.
  • (Bugs) in the latest CSMLPipeline, sample1 Static shape mapping of the components work.
    ⇒ Fixed.


  • (Q) EDF in the data section of the file, for example - if you want to comment out three lines 300, all lines should be careful to #? ⇒
    now put the # there is no other way. You only have to do to leverage features such as macro editor.
  • (Q) EDF etc. Are there any tools to create? Nothing special
    [] to create a task when Yusukesupeji To create a new edit. [task]
    Edit JEDF to confirm operation.
  • (Q) EDF format of the tool to check if there?
    not. Input JEDF no choice but to determine whether an error when running out.
    [draft] Input JEDF an error message for more detailed / JEDF Validator component to create / Send Report to analyze the causes here to attach a file to be able to function
  • (Request) next, GEO to EDF can also be demonstrated.
    [task] of perl script to Jython.
    [task] in parallel with it, JWS in Jython to investigate whether the move.


  • (Bugs) R of the components listed in the Plot Frame plot requires a scroll bar.
    ⇒ Fixed.
  • (Bugs) R showing the number of edge and flow system, CSML were converted to display the number of different edge.
  • (Failure) result parameter, R script for the output because there are both components of the parameters, it is necessary to organize one.
  • (Nozomi Kaname) R script for the input / output and what is put in a category you want Parametadaiarogu REQUIRED.
    likely need to review the parameters for the overall category of ⇒.
  • (Nozomi Kaname) Input EDF to R Components Start (Dynamic) Component and treated as, Edit R script to eliminate the need to connect an input component.
  • (Improved) Input EDF to R component to fit the specifications of the current EDF.
  • (Confirmation required) netcomp being used by Network inference for comparative analysis, the current along the EDF or specifications.
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