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  • "" You forget that in Kakomu.

  • Last * result = "" result; but that process is conducted, which, result in a String value for the charm. Without it, result in the " @ E85825" It would appear that such an object reference. Script engine in the Java String object and JavaScript? Text might have been treated as something else. Therefore, (JavaScript? Of) the text to be cast, and not be bound to an empty text literal.

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ScriptEngine in Java

Script name Library Use Engine name
Language name
Short name of the engine
JavaScript None Mozilla Rhino ECMAScript js, rhino, JavaScript, javascript, ECMAScript, ecmascript
JavaFX javafxc.jar JavaFX Script Engine javafx fx, javafx
Pnuts pnuts.jar
(pnuts-modules.jar:without work?)
Pnuts Pnuts pnuts
Jython jython-2.5.1.jar jython python python, jython
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