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The XiP application provides a few modes of calculation, the section describes the modes.

Standard Run

Xip calculations menuBar Run.PNG

The standard Run mode perform calculations of flow/flows existing in an active canvas. Below there are simple rules of calculations in 'standard' mode.

  • components are calculated step-by-step
  • if there is branch-out then branch starting from edge having higher start priority is calculated first.
  • if there is more than one flow (not connected with the use of flow control edge) all flows are calculated in parallel.

Partial Run

Xip calculations menuBar partialRun.PNG

The Partial Run enables for the user to perform calculations of flow which starts from selected by user component. Lets consider model below:

Xip calculations order7.PNG

Whether calculations are started using standard Run both flows are calculating in parallel. Suppose that the user wants to perform calculations of only one flow (e.g. one showing the ARF_stabilization_30.csml model), to do this the Partial Run can be used.

Xip calculations partialRun2.PNG

The Partial Run causes that only flow which starts from the selected component will be calculated.

Xip calculations partialRun3.PNG

Step Run

Xip calculations menuBar stepRun.PNG

The Step Run mode performs operations in the same order as standard run. The difference is that calculations of model are divided into steps. Belows there is list of rules of Step Run mode:

  • one click on the Step Run button causes that one step of calculations is performed.
  • whether more that one flow exist one step means calculations of one level of each flow.

Xip calculations stepRun1.PNG

  • calculations can be performed in the standard mode when the user uses Resume button.

Xip calculations menuBar resume.PNG

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