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Distributable Package version Console Describes how to run.

How to Run

Console version test_console.jar Distributable Package file name in the current directory if it exists

java -jar test_console.jar [options]

Run. For example, override the option if

java -jar test_console.jar -override c1.width=100 -override c1.height=50

Looks like. For more options, please see the next chapter.

Option List

You can use the options below.

argument required type description
help no Help is displayed.
printProperties no And displays a list of global properties of the component properties
override no ComponentId.PropertyName=Value Component ID By property name and override values property.
version no String Specifies the version of the pipeline.
preferences no String Local preference in the path of the file.
printPreferences no Used preference settings file will be displayed.
logLevel no OFF/ALL/TRACE/DEBUG/INFO/WARN/ERROR/FATAL Specifies the log level to perform flow analysis.

-help If you specify-help

-help : Prints this help
-printProperties : Prints properties of components and global properties
-override ComponentId.PropertyName=Value : Sets/Overrides the value for execution
-version Version : Sets the application version, it can be an url, numeric values X.Y or following values : latest,stable
-preferences Preference file : Specifies the local preference file
-printPreferences : Prints the current preference setting
-logLevel Level[OFF|ALL|TRACE|DEBUG|INFO|WARN|ERROR|FATAL] : Sets the logging level
exe -override c1.width=100 -override c1.height=50
exe -version latest
exe -printProperties

-Override options are, how to use the Console from the second method 2-override option please refer to. Working with console version#Second_method_2-override_option

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