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XiP Edges


There are two types of edges available in XiP application : standard edge and flow control edge.

Standard edge

Xip standard edge.PNG

The standard edge is used for connecting components to create logically flow and defines order of flow calculations. Below image showing how to connect two components.

Xip standard edge1.PNG

Each standard edge provides parameters which enables for the user to defining order of flow calculations and deciding whether the passing between components object should be cloned.

Xip standard edge2.PNG

Flow Control edge

Xip flowControl edge.PNG

The flow control edge is useful for managing of logically separated flows existing in one canvas. To create flow control edge please choose the corresponding item in main menu bar as below image showing.

Xip flowControl edge05.PNG

Below images showing one use case of flow control edge.

Xip flowControl edge1.PNG Xip flowControl edge2.PNG

Both images containing the same set of components (two separate flows) , the only difference is that in the right image output component is connecting with Input CSML component with the use of flow control edge, the difference causes that calculation order is changed. In the first model (left image) both input components are calculated in parallel while in the second model (right image) components are calculated one-by-one (as the image showing).

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