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Menu Bar


The menu bar provides frequently used actions.

Xip menu bar 1.PNG

Below list describes each section of XiP menu bar

Project manager
Xip menubar pm.PNG

Access to Project Manager tool.

Xip menubar io.PNG

Frequently used file actions (new canvas, open, close, save and save as)

Selection and edge creation

Xip menubar userAction.PNG

Enable switching between two states: selection and edge creation. Additionally there are available two types of edges: standard and flow control

Copy, cut and paste

Xip menubar c and paste.PNG

Copy, cut selected elements, paste elements into active flow.

Undo, redo

Xip menubar undo redo.PNG

Undo and redo canvas operations.


Xip menubar view.PNG

Frequently used view operations such: zoom, fit in canvas, show grid and antialiasing.


Xip menubar calculations.PNG

Calculations management


Xip menubar align.PNG

Align actions.

Edge style

Xip menubar line style.PNG

Edge style switching.

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